CBD (10mg) + Vitamin C Capsules By Herb Angels

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Advanced Nutraceuticals

10mg Cannabiniol (CBD) Isolate & Absorbic Acid Capsules

+Immune Boost




10 x 10mg capsules per box

Lab Tested

98.9% Pure CBD/0.050% THC

890mg Vitamin C (89mg/capsule)

Non-Psychotropic and highly therapeutic, cannabidiol can help reduce pain, muscle spasms, headaches, nausea, and peripheral neuropathy. Each capsule contains 99.4% pure CBD crystal isolate and is THC-free.

Directions: Take one capsule and wait 40+ minutes feel the effects before taking another.Effects will last 2-6+ hours depending on tolerance and metabolism.

Ingredients: Vegan capsules, CBD isolate, ascorbic acid.

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