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Using plants to stimulate sexual desire, and to enhance sexual performance and enjoyment is almost as old as the human race itself. This magical elixir infuses cannabis with 15 organic and exotic herbs from around the world that are renown to promote male sexual health, while other ingredients like Kava Kava and extracts from the Cannabis plant help to enhance mood and relax the body. With the sweetness of raw Agave nectar, and the rich chocolatey flavour of raw Cacao, taste and experience Passion in every drop.

INGREDIENTS: Grain Alcohol, Cannabis Sativa and Indica Extract, Yohimbe Bark, Catuaba Bark, Ginseng Root, Damiana Leaf, Epimedium Leaf, Muira Puama Bark, Saw Palmetto Berry, Kava Kava, Ashwaganda, Cacao, Maca Root, Nutmeg, Raw Agave Nectar, Glycerin, Honey.

CONCENTRATED GEMMOTHERAPIES: Sequioa gigantea (Giant Redwood), Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary), Ribes nigrum (Blackcurrant), Quercus robur (Oak).

EACH 30 ML BOTTLE CONTAINS: 10 servings (approx). THC and CBD extracted from 5.5g (Approx 4-6mg THC/CBD per ml) dried, decarboxylated Cannabis Sativa and Indica.

Good For: Libido, Male Blood Flow, Energy, Mood, Pain-Relief

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