THC Phoenix Tears Oil 450mg (1ml Syringe) by Baked Edibles

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450mg THC Phoenix Tears:

1ml of pure THC extract oil @ 450mg THC per 1ml. Total THC = 450mg. Whole-plant cannabis essential oil, extracted into MCT coconut oil as a neutral carrier lipid. Amber in colour, extremely consistent and high quality. Highly sought-after medical product.

Good to Know: MCT Oils are extracted from coconut oil and are extremely easy for your body to digest and immediately make use of. Combined with lecithin, they are simply the most bio-available binding agent for cannabis, maximizing the amount of cannabis that ultimately gets absorbed into the bloodstream per capsule.

What makes MCT oils so special? Read here:

Dosage: Start with a small rice size drop 2x a day. Slowly increase the size or the frequency as needed. Can be used under the tongue for best results. Not for smoking use.

This Product has been tested by a Health Canada Approved Facility

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